COVID-19 Resources

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get through this tough time. We’ll do our best to provide the latest, most accurate information.

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IRS People First Initiative
To help people facing the challenges of COVID-19 issues, the Internal Revenue Service announced a sweeping series of steps to assist taxpayers by providing relief on a variety of issues ranging from easing payment guidelines to postponing compliance actions.
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Credit Card Payment Assistance
As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to incite global economic fears and threaten public health, credit card issuers are beginning to roll out assistance programs for cardholders who may be financially affected by the outbreak.
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Prioritizing Bills – CFPB
For expenses like utilities, phone and internet, mortgages, or insurance, many providers are offering flexibility to customers facing financial strain. Check with your service providers or dial your local non-emergency line, such as 311, for special resources available in your area.
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Catholic Charities Food Pantries
Food pantries and evening meal programs will continue to provide food depending on supplies and safe distribution protocols. The Catholic Charities website provides a directory of emergency services with locations and phone numbers.
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