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This page is for volunteers who expressed interest in volunteering with the EIP Helpline and have been contacted by Ladder Up Staff. If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity, contact eipsupport@goladderup.org for more information before beginning any training. 

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Content Updates:

  • Updates from early September
    • SS/RR/VA benefits recipients who should have received their stimulus payments automatically but who still have yet to receive them are now encouraged to use the IRS non-filer tool to let the IRS know their payment information. This is a change in guidance as previously, this group was told they did not need to do anything to get their payments.
    • SS/RR/VA benefits recipients with eligible dependents under the age of 17 who have not yet told the IRS about the dependents should use the IRS non-filer tool to let the IRS know about their dependents no later than September 30, 2020.
      • There were previously deadlines in May 2020 – any SS/RR/VA benefits recipient who already met that earlier deadline to notify the IRS of their eligible dependents is fine and does not need to do anything at this time
  • Update from 7/2 about IRS issuing missing $500 payments for SS/RR/VA benefits recipients with dependents who used the non-filer tool before the deadline
    • Information from a Tax Clinic contact: The good news in the GAO report was that the IRS committed to fixing the mistake and sending supplemental $500 payments. Earlier this week Commissioner Rettig testified before the Senate Finance Committee and reiterated that. Both the GAO report and the Commissioner said the IRS hopes to send the missing payments by the end of July. This fix helps people who used the non-filer portal by the deadlines IRS had set. (4/22 for SS/SSD/RRB recipients and 5/5 for SSI/VA recipients) Currently, there is no way for nonfilers who missed their deadline to get the payment for their children before the next tax season. 

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