Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Training and Site Resources


Volunteer Training

Getting Started as a Ladder Up Tax Volunteer: A step-by-step guide that walks individuals through the steps to becoming a volunteer, from signing up to serving at a tax site. This is the best place to get started!

Getting Started Flow Chart: A condensed version of the Getting Started guide above, all in a handy flow chart.


How-To-Use Resources

These guides and resources will show volunteers how to use the programs and software needed to complete training, sign up for shifts, and track their volunteer hours.



Learn how to create/login to your Account: Video or Text Version

Learn how to sign up/cancel registration for training and tax sessions: Video or Text Version

Learn how to check in/out and check your volunteer hours Video or Text Version


E-Learning and Certification Center: ExceedLMS

Learn how to create/login to the online training portal ExceedLMS: Video or Text Version


IRS Certification Tests

Volunteer Standards of Conduct Test

Intake/Interview and Quality Review Test

Tax Preparer and Quality Reviewer Test

Optional: Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Test

Site Resources

The guides and manuals listed below will also be available at all tax sites in electronic copies on your computer and as printed copies.

TAP Client Intake and Case Review Guide: This guide covers the Ladder Up tax site process, and is a great tool for ALL volunteers to use to check that a client is eligible for our free services.

2019 Mini Manual (Quick Reference Guide): Second only to the ProSeries Tax Manual,  the Mini Manual (or Quick Reference Guide) picks out the most common things and puts them in an almost pocket sized book.

2019 ProSeries Tax Manual: This is the holy grail of Ladder Up tax prep. Have a question? Look here first. Chances are we address it here. The study guide and online training modules will reference this document a lot.

Tax Preparer Checklist: This document (printed in pink at every tax site) should be your first stop on the tax prep train. It has a step-by-step checklist of all preparation.

Case Review Checklist: This document is used to review the client’s documents and situation to determine whether they are eligible for services. 

Where Do I Enter Cheat Sheet: This document (printed in yellow at every tax site)shows you how to search for a form within ProSeries. The Where Do I Enter functionality is unavailable this year.

Quality Review Checklist: This document (printed in green at every tax site)is used by Quality Reviewers to make sure that they complete a thorough review of every return.