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Ladder Up Procedures, Policies, and Site Process Resources

The guides and manuals listed below will also be available in electronic copies on your computer.


Role Checklist:

Case Review Checklist: This document (printed in blue at every tax site) is used to review the client’s documents and situation to determine whether they are eligible for services.

Tax Preparer Checklist: This document (printed in pink at every tax site) should be your first stop on the tax prep train. It has a step-by-step checklist of all preparation.

Quality Review Checklist: This document (printed in green at every tax site) is used by Quality Reviewers to make sure that they complete a thorough review of every return and explain the return to the client before letting them know their refund/amount owed and asking them to sign.



TAP Client Intake and Case Review Guide: This guide covers the Ladder Up tax site process, and is a great tool for ALL volunteers to use to check that a client is eligible for our free services.

2019 Mini Manual (Quick Reference Guide): Second only to the ProSeries Tax Manual,  the Mini Manual (or Quick Reference Guide) picks out the most common things and puts them in an almost pocket sized book.

2019 ProSeries Tax Manual: This is the holy grail of Ladder Up tax prep. Have a question? Look here first. Chances are we address it here. The study guide and online training modules will reference this document a lot.


IRS Publications:

Publication 17 – Tax Guide 2019

Publication 4012 – VITA Volunteer Resource Guide 2019


Addendums to the ProSeries Tax Manual

Below are the most updated versions of the addendums to the ProSeries Manual. These are things that are in scope, but less commonly seen at tax sites.

ProSeries HSA Guide:  Please only use this if you have also completed the additional training and certification for H.S.A.

ProSeries – Coordinating Pell Grants: Please only use this if both the parent and dependent are present at the tax site together.

ProSeries 1099-S – Sale of House

ProSeries Preparing Indiana Tax Returns for Full-Year Illinois Resident

ProSeries Preparing Wisconsin Tax Returns for Full-Year Illinois Resident

ProSeries – Amendments: Please make sure the client calls the office to make an appointment if they require an Amendment. Sometimes clients are in a situation that does not require an Amendment, or the situation would cause them to become Out-of-Scope. In most cases the client needs to wait until the first tax return is accepted by the IRS before an Amendment can be filed.

ProSeries Entering Medicaid Waiver Payments



Volunteer Feedback on Resources

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