Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources

2018 Tax Year Intake Specialist Training Guide: This is just downright good information for ALL volunteers.

2018 Tax Year Mini Manual: TAP Volunteer Quick Reference Guide: Second only to the Manual the Mini Manual (or Quick Reference Guide) picks out the most common things and puts them in an a hand, almost pocket sized book. Also referenced in the study guide.

2018 Tax Manual: This is the holy grail of Ladder Up tax prep. Have a question? Look here first. Chances are we address it here. The study guide will reference this document.

Tax Preparer Checklist: This is available at every tax site and should be your first stop on the tax prep train. It has a step-by-step checklist of all preparation.

Where Do I Enter Cheat Sheet: This document shows you how to search for a form within ProSeries. The Where Do I Enter functionality is unavailable this year.