Financial Literacy Webinars

Financial Literacy Webinar Series – 2022

Student Loan Relief Information

Description: Michelle Kuipers, our Tax Clinic Director at Ladder Up explains the application process and answers common questions about the 2022 One-Time Student Debt Relief Plan. It also covers the 2022 proposed changes to student debt repayment as well as other available student debt relief vehicles such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Loan Forgiveness.

May 10th: Part I – Savings 

Description: The first session will focus primarily on investing in terms of savings, and traditional investment options available through employment or independent sources, to help participants learn how to prepare for retirement.

May 24th: Part II – Banking 101 

Description: Are you relatively new to banking? Do you have a checking account but are considering a savings account? Do you want to know all the benefits that come with having a checking and/or savings account? We will share the top ten things to know about banking and help you start planning for your financial next step! In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Items needed to open a checking/savings account
  • Direct Deposit benefits
  • Checking/savings accounts and how they relate to credit building.

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June 7th: Part III – Savings II 

Description: This session is a continuation of Part I – Savings. In Savings II, participants will learn about the Who? What? Why?  This will include understanding who should invest? what investment options are available? and why investing is important. The lesson will also build on financial planning concepts learned in Part I.

June 14th: Part IV – Life Insurance 

Description: Fred O’Connor is a wealth management advisor at Northwestern Mutual who has been active in insurance and investing for 35+ years.  Tuesday June 14th at 10 am, he will discuss an important aspect of our financial plan:  life insurance.  He will review (1) why and how people acquire such protection (some reasons will surprise you) (2) different types of life insurance (3) how life insurance can provide income in retirement and a resource in the event of a long-term care claim when we are elderly and be a safe hedge against inflation.

July 12th: Part V – How to Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter 

Description: Join Hilary Collins, personal finance writer, in a discussion of ways to improve your resume and cover letters. It can be hard to toot your own horn, but there’s a right way to do it when you’re applying for a job. This webinar will provide actionable tips to improve your resume and cover letters in ways that will impress hiring managers!

July 26th: Part VI – How to Negotiate a Better Salary

Description: Join Hilary Collins, personal finance writer as she discusses salary negotiation. Negotiating your salary is challenging and may leave you feeling like the employer holds all the cards. That’s not true. This webinar will guide you through the salary negotiation process with insights into how to ask for better pay in a professional and effective way.

August 9th: Part VII – Managing Debit

Description: Fred O’Connor is a wealth management advisor at Northwestern Mutual who has been active in insurance and investing for 35+ years. Join him for a discussion on Managing Debt. There is great value in having access to credit, but there are dangers too. He’ll discuss different kinds of debt, terms, rates and collateral. He’ll also review good habits we all do well to cultivate as we utilize this powerful tool to meet our priorities in our financial planning.

August 23rd: Part VIII – Credit Scores 101

Description: This workshop explores the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of credit. We discuss how to be smart with credit, common credit mistakes, the necessity of a good credit score, and how credit can be an advantage when maintained responsibly.

September 13th: Part IX – Combining Finances with a Partner

Description: Join Hilary Collins, personal finance writer as she discusses combining finances with a partner. Whether you’re moving in with a partner, getting married, or just tired of constantly Venmo-ing each other, it might be time to think about merging finances. From budgeting to saving for long-term goals, she’ll share some guiding points to help you have those tough conversations.

September 27th: Part X – First-Time Home Ownership

Description: Considering purchasing your first home but wondering what to do? Then join Brittany Wilfong, from Fifth Third Bank as she discusses first-time home ownership and the factors to think about before you purchase your first home.

October 11th: Part XI – Understanding Credit Scores/Reporting

Description: Join Lana Thompson BMO Harris VP, Financial Wellness Program Manager, to discuss the big effect that your credit score has on your financial life. We will answer questions like: How is the credit score calculated? What can you do to repair your credit? How can your credit help/hinder you from reaching your financial goals? Most importantly we will learn how to repair your credit or keep the score high! We will review how to read your credit report and the importance of viewing it annually.




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November 8th: Part XII – Estate Planning Now

Think that estate planning is only for those retired?  This presentation will focus on the typical documents (Wills, POAs for financial and Health, Trusts (Irrevocable and Revocable), Transfer on Death Instruments, and Pay on Death Accounts) associated with an estate plan as well as a brief explanation of the probate process.


December 6th: Part XIII – Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft and Fraud

Join Lana Thompson, BMO Harris VP, Financial Wellness Program Manager, to discuss ways to identify and protect yourself from Identity Theft and Fraud, and what steps to take if you are a victim. Over 10% of all US residents age 16 years or older have been victims of identity Theft. Your identity is one of the most valuable assets you have, what steps can you take to protect yourself? What are the Consumer Protection Laws that can help!