Financial Literacy Webinars

Financial Literacy Webinar Series – 2022

May 10th: Part I – Savings 

Description: The first session will focus primarily on investing in terms of savings, and traditional investment options available through employment or independent sources, to help participants learn how to prepare for retirement.

May 24th: Part II – Banking 101 

Description: Are you relatively new to banking? Do you have a checking account but are considering a savings account? Do you want to know all the benefits that come with having a checking and/or savings account? We will share the top ten things to know about banking and help you start planning for your financial next step! In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Items needed to open a checking/savings account
  • Direct Deposit benefits
  • Checking/savings accounts and how they relate to credit building.

June 7th: Part III – Savings II 

Description: This session is a continuation of Part I – Savings. In Savings II, participants will learn about the Who? What? Why?  This will include understanding who should invest? what investment options are available? and why investing is important. The lesson will also build on financial planning concepts learned in Part I.