Volunteer Training Center

2024 Tax Season Certification Training has concluded!

Training will begin for the 2025 Tax Season in December.


Amendment Training Slides

Amendment Instructions

Amendment Tracker

Client Instructions

Amendment Practice! Use the Advanced Scenario 8: Julia Oakley to practice completing an amendment using the Practice Lab.

Original Return – Julia Oakley

Practice Document – Missing W-2 to add for Amendment Practice

Amended Return



If you’re a new volunteer or just need a refresher, we recommend reviewing our pre-reads for more information before your scheduled training.

Volunteering with Ladder Up – Overview Pre-Read

Intake/Case Review Training

Materials for Training:

Publication 6744 – VITA Volunteer Test/Retest booklet

What exams should we take from the Pub 6744?

VITA ALERT- VITA-2024-01_ Changes to Form 6744, See updates that were made to the test above.

Study Guides
United Way created study guides for the Basic and Advanced tests. Check out more of their test resources at vitaresources.net.

2023 Tax Year IRS Basic Test
2023 Tax Year IRS Advanced Test

You will receive a hard copy of these materials during an in-person training session. 

Primary Resources and Publications: (DO NOT PRINT)

2023-2024 Mini Manual – Mini-manual will be available at in-person training and at the tax sites for each volunteer. We recommend you review this mini manual and encourage you to use it for training and when you are out at a tax site.

Pub 4012 – This volunteer resource guide will assist you in completing a tax return using TaxSlayer.

Pub 4491 – IRS training guide. Use this publication to read about tax law topics in detail.

Pub 4491X – VITA/TCE Training Supplement

Get started in Link and Learn:

Check your answers before entering on Link and Learn

United Way created check your answers for the following tests:

2023 Tax Year IRS Basic Test
2023 Tax Year IRS Advanced Test

TaxSlayer Tutorial Videos

Logging into TaxSlayer for the first time – Video

TaxSlayer Tutorial Video – Basic Information 

TaxSlayer Tutorial Video – Income 

TaxSlayer Tutorial Video – Schedule C

TaxSlayer Tutorial Video – Supplemental Materials

Additional Resources

Tax Site Checklists:

Case Reviewer Checklist

Tax Preparer Checklist – with New TaxSlayer enhancements for the tax season

Quality Reviewer Checklist – Use this checklist to guide you on what to verify before explaining the tax return.



2024_Tax Preparer – Reminders

2024_Quality Reviewer – Reminders


Training Recordings:

Level Up Training

2023 Tax Year IRS Advanced Virtual Training – Zoom
Passcode: .Qiu4%7s

Case Review Training – Zoom

Passcode: 14^i.cvB

Passcode: U.D7Juht