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Ladder Up Training is LIVE!


Ladder Up’s training for the 2022 tax season is here.  We are offering in-person, virtual, and on-demand training for those who would like a little more guidance! 

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Step 1: Pre-Read

Pre-Read – To get started on training, read this to learn more about our process, roles, what you need for training, and how to upload your Volunteer Agreement certifications.

Step 2: Certification Materials

Materials for Training Session (Print/Download/Pick-up):

Pick-up these materials at our Ladder Up office before your scheduled training session. 

  • Volunteer Training Manual – This guide will walk you through the steps to becoming VITA certified. Inside you’ll find a study guide, and practice scenario used during training.
  • Training Presentation – The trainer will be presenting this during the lecture portion of the training.

IRS Certification Tests (Pick ONE packet only)

Each packet holds the following:

Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSC) Quiz, Intake/Interview & Quality Review (IIQR) Quiz, Answer Sheet (last sheet of each packet)

Pub 6744 – IRS Training Publication

Primary Resources and Publications: (DO NOT PRINT)

2021-2022 Mini Manual – Mini manual will be available at in-person trainings and at the tax sites for each volunteer.

Pub 4012 – This volunteer resource guide will assist you in completing a tax return using TaxSlayer.

Pub 4491 – IRS training guide. Use this publication to read about tax law topics in detail.

Step 3: Attend a Training

  • In-person
  • Virtual
  • Self-study session

Sign up for training TODAY! Visit Volunteer Hub to schedule a training.

On-Demand Videos

Coming soon! Recorded videos of our certification training will be available soon.

Get started in Link and Learn:


Common TaxSlayer Tutorials

TaxSlayer Tutorial – Basic Information 

TaxSlayer Tutorial – Income 

TaxSlayer Tutorial – Schedule C

TaxSlayer Tutorial – Supplemental Materials


  • Taxslayer Updates: Form 1099-NEC has now been added to Taxslayer, and 1099-Misc has been updated. This will help with Advanced scenario #8.
  • Economic Impact Payments: (Stimulus payments-also known as Recovery Rebate Credit in Taxslayer) has now been added to Taxslayer in the Basic Information Menu

Additional Resources


Tax Site Checklists:

Case Reviewer Checklist

Tax Preparer Checklist – with New TaxSlayer enhancements for the tax season

Quality Reviewer Checklist – Use this checklist to guide you on what to verify before explaining the tax return.


VITA-TRAIN by Prosperity Now

This innovative, free online training curriculum features 12 plug-and-play modules designed to help volunteers prepare for the IRS Basic Volunteer Certification Test.

Prosperity NOW VITA-Train Modular Training Program.