Using eTAP

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How Do I Get Started?

When you have all your documents together and are ready to proceed, click the button below to get started.


Are You a College Student?

If you are a college student, please click on the button below.

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Do I Qualify?

  • Tax Years 2023, 2022, or 2021 only
  • Household income under $74,000
  • US Citizen or Resident Alien
  • No business loss (expenses exceed your income)

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What Do I Need?

  • Computer and/or Smartphone
  • Access to internet
  • Email address
  • Social Security card or ITIN for you and every member of your household
  • State ID, Driver’s License, Passport, or any Government-Issued ID
  • Income tax documents (for example, W-2s and 1099s)
  • Bank account and routing numbers if you want direct deposit of your refund

How Does it Work?

  • Click the GET STARTED button below to enter data collection phase
  • Verify eligibility
  • Answer questions and upload documents using the camera on your smartphone, mobile device, or computer
  • Tax return will be prepared and quality reviewed for accuracy by one of our qualified tax professionals
  • Receive an email with copy of return for your review
  • Note: If you have questions about your return, you will be able to discuss your tax return with your preparer
  • Electronically sign the tax return on your phone or computer
  • Your tax return is transmitted to the IRS and/or the State
  • The process can be completed in as little as one business day

NOTE: The information you submit is encrypted. This means that the information is encoded so that only authorized parties can decipher and use the information. Ladder Up tax preparers are contractually required to destroy all personal information after the current tax season is complete. We never keep or store your personal and tax information after the current tax season, unlike many other tax preparation services.